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Mobile phones have been the craze of the day. Today’s youngsters have learnt to enjoy the technological developments that have been happening in all aspects of life. The mobile industry has swept over the young generation with such high velocity that mobile phones occupies majority of their precious time. Today’s youth keep changing their mobile instrument models to venture out the many hardware and software features that change with every model. Particularly when it comes to Samsung mobile phones, the craze is high and unbelievable. Samsung has its own top position for decades now winning over competition brands that couldn’t withstand the business potential Samsung exhibited. We provide here important details pertaining to open a Samsung Smart phones retail Franchise.
Samsung is such an influential brand that it’s name acts as the selling point more than anything else. Anyone becoming a dealer or Franchise for Smart Phones is keeping himself away from taking efforts towards. advertising and marketing the brand. Mobile phones sales happen automatically in high volumes for the brand name Samsung and the faith people have in the brand assures continued sales.


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Samsung smart cafe retail store requirements

Smart café retail is for small and mid size stores. If you have small area especially in metro cities or a class cities Smart Café store is ideal. The product you can keep in Smart café stores are mobile phones, Laptops, Camera, PC tablets and all accessories of these electronic goods.

The area required for this store is 450 to 600 Square feet with a frontage of 14 ft and minimum ceiling height of 10.5 fts.

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Samsung Digital Plaza stores

Here you can have all the Samsung products. the minimum carpet area required is 1100 sq ft with frontage of 14 sq ft and minimum ceiling height of 10.5 ft. These stores should be opened preferably in two tier cities.

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Samsung mobile phones dealer-ship agency investment cost, area or plot required and ROI details

Samsung offers three types of franchise for retail stores namely Samsung smart café , Samsung digital plaza and Samsung premium Brand stores. The product you can have, investment cost, area required and other requirements are different for different types of stores.

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